A stock footage film using our lockdown experience to talk about that other lockdown.
Without being able to shoot during the first lockdown, we sculpted a well scripted film using only stock footage. Living in that quarantine has opened our eyes to how involuntary confinement affects our mental wellbeing. How losing a sense of freedom truly changes who we are and how we feel. And now as we’re slowly coming out of our lockdown as a society, it’s time to reflect on that other lockdown. 
The one of billions of animals around the world enduring a life of confinement because of the choices we as humans make for our clothing, furniture, medicines, meals and entertainment.‘End The Lockdown for Animals’ premiered on Oct 4th, World Animal Day, for The Humane Society, one of the biggest animal welfare organisations in the world. The film was launched in 19 different languages, in countries such as the UK, Brasil, South Africa, India and the US.

HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL | ‘End The Lockdown for Animals’

"How losing a sense of freedom truly changes who we are and how we feel​​​​​​​"

A Fledge production.
Written & directed by Maria Leon
Produced by Roeland Jeangout
Edited by Joris Willems
Sound production by Sonhouse
Soundtrack by Svínhunder
Narrated by Ewan Black
Color grading by Florian Keirse

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