To launch the rebellious back-to-school collection, we chose to position it at the opposite end of a formal education. Welcome to the school of life.  
Remember that first time you had to buy condoms? Or what about the morning after a house party when you thought your parents were out of town? Maybe a tattoo you should've thought twice about?
Those are just some of the hard taught lessons from the school of life that are featured in this Eastpak campaign. They're sometimes silly, often awkward but always very relatable. 

The School Of Life - Campaign Video

This campaign went live in the summer  and was used across Eastpak’s entire EMEA-market.
Agency: Mutant 
Art Director: Odin Saillé 
Producer: Kirsten Vanderbeke 
Creatives: Alex Noten & Auke Moonen 
Photographer: Stig de Block
 D.O.P: Brandon Blight
 Edit & Grading: Joris Willems

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