is dedicated to getting as many people out to vote in 2024. is a community of people who believe in democracy and who want to give it real meaning as the next European elections approach. It connects people from across Europe to meet, share knowledge and learn new skills, all while encouraging others to vote in 2024. The more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes!
For the 2019 European Elections our community brought together more than 300.000 people who actively helped promote the elections. Today, they are a vibrant, connected and growing community working to further European democracy and to do their part to encourage others to vote in 2024 - because the more people vote.

Offline DC version is for anyone who wants to stand up for democracy in Europe by helping bring out the vote at the 2024 European elections. It is a community of individual citizens across the EU, but all kinds of civil society organisations or youth networks also sign up as partners and supporters for the same cause. 
We welcome volunteers of any age and any background as well as groups or organisations. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever your cause or beliefs, all we ask is that you share our commitment to democracy.

Client: European Parliament
Production Company: Hamlet
Producer: Julie Bosteels
Director: Sidney van Wichelen
Offline Edit: Joris Willems
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