For Seppe Smits snowboarding is more than his job, it's his passion.
Seppe Smits has scored some outstanding success in his professional career to date and claimed a whole host of FIS podium finishes, as well as first places at World Championships and World Cups. The Belgian snowboarder lives to push the boundaries of his sport. 
He’s also taken bronze in the slopestyle event at the Winter X Games 2013 and the Big Air event at the 2014 FIS World Cup in Istanbul. He then went on to bag a win at the Spring Battle in Austria in 2015. The following year he picked up four more podium finishes. In 2017,
he won another gold in the Slopestyle at the Snowboard World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Seppe won again in 2019 at the Big Air FIS Snowboard World Cup in Quebec, Canada.
The Belgian admires anyone who pushes the boundaries of what they do – and his life goal is to do exactly that. He wants to push his body and imagination to new limits, perfecting his style and reaching new heights. But don’t mistake his ambition for taking things too seriously. He just wants to have fun and enjoy life as much as possible.

Red Bull - Chasing Winter - Main Edit

Seppe hopes to change the perspective people have of snowboarders by showing the athletic discipline required to be a pro snowboarder.

Directors: Kurt de Leijer & Joris Willems 
D.O.P: David Doom
Second Cam: Willem Jones
Drone: Aeroplay Films
Audio: Wolf Doyen
Editing: Joris Willems
Audiomix: Sonhouse
3D Images: Stijn van Assche
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