A full length documentary about this extreme challenge faced by Matthieu Bonne. “I have been training for this for over a year and a half."
Matthieu Bonne, Ultra Sporter
From May 5th until May 12th, 2022, Matthieu Bonne, known for his otherworldly challenges, tried to complete eight triathlons in eight consecutive days on the eight Canary Islands
Each day 3,8km of swimming, 180km of bike riding and a 42,2km Marathon to finish things off, the Ironman distances. If he completes this challenge, he'll become the first ever to do so. 

8 Islands - Teaser | Official selection Filmfestival Ostend 2024

More than a year ago Matthieu teamed up with two-time Ironman World Champion and triathlete legend Luc Van Lierde. He is the mental and physical coach for this epic venture. This challenge will be extremely though and complex.  First of all, there is the daily triathlon, but on top of that there are the typical characteristics of the Canary Islands: the unpredictable Atlantic Ocean, the rough and mountainous terrain, the scorching heat  and the strong trade winds he’ll have to fight…
The topography of most of these islands isn't really inviting to perform a triathlon: La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera... For example, there are no paved roads on the eighth island, La Graciosa. To make things worse, there are the daily  logistics that are really stressful. Every day, after completing his triathlon, he has to transfer from one island to the next in time to start the next Ironman. His plan is to sail over the Atlantic with a sailing boat, which will give this project another dimension.
You can see that ultra-athlete Matthieu Bonne likes to push his body to the limit in the documentary '8 Islands' which premieres at the Ostend Film Festival on January 27, 2024.
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May 7, 2022, La Gomera. The night fell on the Canary Island. Two captains discussed whether it was justified to still leave with the sailboat. The Atlantic was wild. Too wild. The destination was Tenerife. There Matthieu Bonne waited his fourth triathlon in four days.
Bonne was exhausted. Even during the sailing trips in the nights before, from La Palma to El Hierro and from El Hierro to La Gomera, the sea hardly allowed itself to be tamed. He rolled from left to right into his cabin. Even barricading the bed with a suitcase did not benefit. All he wanted was to sleep for a few hours. 'At such a moment you get into a vicious circle. I knew I needed sleep, but it didn't work, so I started worrying and certainly didn't fall asleep.”

Director and DOP: Klaas Backers
Editor: Joris Willems
3D animations: Nanopixels
Sound-design and mix: Thomas Houthave
Grading: Kene Illegems

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