A 16mm film about Sebbe de Buck shot by Willem Jones in Japan, America, France and Alaska.
Get Buck is a short film about Sebbe De Buck's snowboarding filmed and directed by Willem Jones. Sebbe shows off his snowboard range on new and old terrain. Originally from Belgium where mountains do not exist, we look at the path he took to get to this point. Follow Sebbe going from season to off season, going from Japan to Antwerp with a first experience in Alaska.
The film traveled the world together with Beyond Medals' new film Casino for premieres in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Annecy, AntwerpInnsbruck, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver and Las Vegas. Also featuring in this short: Tor Lundstrom – Kevin Backstrom – Carlos Garcia Knight – Sage Kotsenburg – Nils Mindnich and Spencer Schubert.

GET BUCK Full Film

It's hard to imagine a rider like Sebbe didn't grow up on a world-class mountain. Sebbe de Buck was born, raised, and resides in Antwerp, Belgium - 9 hours from the Alps. The long drives didn't stop him from becoming one of the world's most respected and versatile riders of this generation. Not only has he recently transitioned out of the contest scene, but he is also transitioning to a new board sponsor. We caught Sebbe between tour stops to congratulate him on his latest movie and on officially becoming a member of K2 Snowboarding. 

What's GET BUCK all about? 
Me and Willem, we've been friends forever, and we've always talked about making a movie together, but I didn't want to start doing it when I was still doing contests and doing things half-assed. So after I quit competing, we made it happen.  We wanted to make a movie that tells a little bit of a story but wanted to stay away from the documentary style...
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"It's a 20-minute snowboarding film about getting hyped while traveling to different locations all over the world. It has tons of different editing styles which turned out really nice. I couldn't have asked for a better turnout."

A Welcome to The Team edit with leftover b-roll.


Producer Sebbe De Buck
Director Willem Jones
DOP Willem Jones
Film Editing Joris Willems
Colorist Oliver Schmocker
Title Design Power Tools
Sound Studio Sonhouse

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