Spring revelation / phenomenon "Nonkels" is the comic fiction series of the past few months with a promising 664,000 viewers for the first episode.
Deep in the West Flemish polders, the three Persyn brothers have lived on the same plot for many years. The loner Pol (Wim Willaert) lives in the former parental home, while slipper hero Luc (Jelle De Beule) lives in the fermette next door.
With his snippy wife Carine (Isabelle Van Hecke). Their two homes are in the shadow of the modern villa of nouveau riche and entrepreneur Willy (Rik Verheye) and his younger wife Delphine (Emilie De Roo).
Due to the continued success, a second season is on the way. The series has been on Streamz for several months, but became extremely popular when it also appeared on television. The highest-grossing episode even reached one million viewers.
Their relative peace is thoroughly disturbed when Cameroonian refugee Innocent Dipanda (Blaise Afonso) shows up at Luc's door unannounced, asking him for shelter. After all, Luc had written several times to his daughter Anke (Silke Thorrez)'s former pen friend – from a safe 6000 kilometers – that he was always welcome with his second family in Belgium.
But as Luc clarifies much too late, “Welcome”  here  means “Welcome, but it also has to fit a bit”.
The series was written by Jelle De Beule, Rik Verheye and Koen De Poorter and directed by Jelle Gordyn in a production of FBO. "Uncles" is available on Streamz and was also featured on Play4 in May.

SE01 - E08. Entitled to watch this? Ask for a password: hello@joriswillems.be

Production: FBO
Writers: Jelle De Beule, Koen De Poorter, Rik Verheyen 
Director: Jelle Gordeyn
Producer: Peter Ceustermans

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