Streamz immerses you in the wild student life with '2DEZIT'
'2DEZIT' is a wild ride through a turbulent river of love and lust, parties and pain, drink and drugs, friendship and sadness, deep conversations and thick courses, loud music and ditto (emotional) hangovers and the feeling of eternal youth, or for a while anyway. We follow Lotte (18) a stylish, charming newcomer to the university, who has recently moved into a chaotic student room with her high school sweetheart Lucas (18). Lotte, no longer the star of the playground
from her hometown, yearns for the turbulent college life, but, at the beginning of this journey to adulthood, barely realizes how badly her world will be shaken up. Their roommates, open-minded Noor, the cassante Niko, the somewhat naive, insecure Cem and direct Amy take Lotte on wild evenings and open the doors to other worlds. Lotte and Lucas soon run into different views about the world, about freedom and independence.

2DEZIT - Official Series Trailer

Since the release, '2dezit' has been weekly nr 1 as best viewed series on Streamz. It even surpassed internationally acclaimed 'House of the Dragon'. It is therefore not at all surprising that Streamz announced a sequel after the first season.
In '2DEZIT' we see Ninalotte Roose ('Bittersweet Sixteen'), Nathan Bouts ('FOMO'), Ferre van den Broeck, Lauren De Bie, Jente D'Hose and Nidal van Rijn ('Wannabe's') in the lead roles. In addition, Noa Tambwe Kabati ('Nowhere'), Nestor Balfoort, Waiel Boutour, Hanna Mensink ('Déjà Vu'), Maïmouna Badjie ('Panna'),
Thomas Van Achteren and Arend Pinoy ('Chaussée d'Amour') also star in the series. The series was written by Bram Renders ('wtFOCK', 'Patser'), Julie Bovendaerde ('Lisa') and Henry Disotuar and directed by Anthony Schatteman ('Panna') and Niels Sabbe ('Girls').
Series Directed by
Niels Sabbe & Anthony Schatteman
Series Writing by
Julie Bovendaerde, Henry Disotuar & Bram Renders
Series Produced by
Rutger Beckers & Aagje Couvreur
Series Cinematography by
Pieter Van Campe
Series Film Editing by
Stefaan Daamen, Bram Dutry, Sam Troch,
Kim Vandenbergh and Joris Willems

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