Bevergem is an absurd fiction series (8x52') about a West Flemish village with derailed inhabitants, driven by misplaced ambition and vanity. 
"Bevergem" is a Belgian television series that gained notable recognition for its unique blend of dark humor, eccentric characters, and a distinctive narrative set in a fictional village called Bevergem. The show originally aired on Canvas, a Belgian television channel, and garnered a cult following for its unconventional storytelling.
The series revolves around the character of Freddy De Vadder, played by comedian Freddy De Vadder himself, who is a washed-up stand-up comedian seeking solace in the quiet village of Bevergem. As Freddy settles into this offbeat community, he encounters a variety of quirky and colorful inhabitants, each with their own peculiarities and secrets. The show masterfully weaves together a mix of absurd humor, surreal situations, and a dose of social commentary, creating a distinct comedic atmosphere that resonated with audiences.

Bevergem - Press Trailer

"Bevergem" delves into themes of isolation, identity, and the quirks of rural life, all while maintaining a distinct brand of humor that ranges from dark and satirical to downright bizarre. The show's unique style, combined with its memorable characters and witty dialogue, set it apart from more traditional television series.
Overall, this serie offers a refreshingly unconventional take on comedy, inviting viewers into a world that is both familiar and delightfully strange. Its irreverent approach to storytelling and its ability to create a distinct comedic universe have contributed to its lasting appeal among fans of Belgian television and comedy enthusiasts alike.

Production: De Wereldvrede
Director: Gilles Coulier
D.O.P: David Williamson
Series Editing: Joris Brouwers
Press Edit: Joris Willems
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