For over 10 years now, indie rock band Balthazar has been peppering the international music scene with clever, cutting and eerily atmospheric tracks...
And while they'll continue to do so, founding member and lead singer Maarten Devoldere has just unveiled a side project known as Warhaus.
"The track smolders with film-noir-like sexuality, reminiscent of Tom Waits both lyrically and vocally, but with the sensuous intermingling of female vocals. The lush, thumping orchestration allows two direct reactions: listeners can either brood mysteriously in a corner or shake their hips like they mean it."

Director: Wouter Bouvijn
Production: CZAR
Producer: Maarten de Sutter 
D.O.P: David Williamson 
Focus Puller: Pieter van Campe 
Art Director: Ravit Bechor 
Edit & Grading: Joris Willems
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