Cities provide the vibrant, social and ever-changing environment 
that people thrive on. We like to think of transport as the arteries of our cities,  connecting the city and its inhabitants together. 
By 2050 over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. How can we make sure people move around freely and cities remain the engines of innovation?

We are challenging the status quo with a design that follows untrodden paths — a design that surprises as much as it inspires. We use the values of contemporary aesthetic movements in every aspect of our visual expression.
The Ujet answers the need for eco-friendly mobility solution in global cities. It is designed to address today's and tomorrow's mobility issues, and to work with-, not against the urban infrastructure.

client: ujet 
agency: ogilvy 
production: AMOK 
director: shueti 
dop: thomas buelens 
editor: joris willems 
grading: brian krijgsman 
music and sound: joep meijburg

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