This photo book isn't just about the Tour de France; it's a celebration of friendship and the joy of exploring new places together.
In the heart of the majestic French Alps, a thrilling escapade awaits, one that will weave a story of camaraderie, breathtaking landscapes, and the electric excitement of the world's most renowned cycling event, the Tour de France. Join us on a captivating visual odyssey as we unveil the pages of this photo book, capturing the unforgettable moments of a group of friends embarking on a remarkable vacation to witness the Tour de France in all its glory.
Amidst the snow-capped summits and quaint alpine villages, an unbreakable bond between friends forms the backdrop for this extraordinary adventure. Their shared passion for cycling and unwavering wanderlust led them to this picturesque region, where the allure of the Tour de France beckons with promises of adrenaline-pumping moments and cherished memories.
From the charming streets of Annecy to the rugged trails of the mountains, the journey unfolds as our intrepid travelers immerse themselves in the French culture, savoring every delectable bite of local cuisine and forging connections with the warm-hearted locals. Through laughter and challenges, they discover that the true essence of their journey lies not only in the destination but in the shared experiences that shape their bonds ever stronger.
With each turn of the page, let the striking imagery whisk you away to the rolling hills and mesmerizing landscapes that served as the backdrop for thrilling race stages. Feel the surge of excitement as the peloton passes by in a colorful blur, leaving behind a trail of cheers and applause. As the friends venture deeper into the heart of the mountains, their spirits rise with the ascent, drawing inspiration from the incredible athletes pushing their limits to conquer the peaks.

Hardcover, ImageWrap
Standard Portrait 8x10 inches (20x25 cm)
120 pages Standard White End Sheet
Standard Trade Paper
Matte Finish

ISBN 979-8-21-103074-9

Lay-Out and Graphic Design: Joris Willems
Photography: Joris Willems & Dries Delputte

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