Driven is a global documentary series about the people who drive our cars. And more importantly: it is about what drives them.​​​​​​
For Nick Bril, the chef and owner of two-Michelin star restaurant The Jane in Antwerp, performing at the highest level on the culinary stage is the result of a constant search for perfection through continuous improvement, combined with endless passion and relentless commitment to keep pushing boundaries.

Episode 2 - Nick Bril

Nick Bril is the owner and chef of the highly acclaimed two-Michelin star restaurant The Jane in Antwerp (Belgium), No. 89 of 50 Best Restaurants in the World, 18/20 Gault-Millau, and so on. In addition, Nick is an established DJ and a globetrotter, as well as a family man. What drives him in his life and work? How does he challenge himself to constantly improve?
We follow Nick on a journey to Japan to explore Japanese food culture. A journey where meets a Michelin star sushi master who introduces him to the kaizen mind-set of continuous improvement and how to apply this to his work. He also discovers the great Japanese tradition of craftsmanship and finds new inspiration to bring home to his own restaurant.

Production: Hotel Hungaria 
Director & Creator: Wim Bonte 
Senior Project Manager: Sofie Rooseleer 
D.O.P: Kevin Descheemaeker 
Score: Collect MP 
Soundmix: Klankwerk 
Editing & Grading: Joris Willems 
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