We Are Tomorrow reaches one million YouTube views in just two months time.
November 27 2022
‘We Are Tomorrow’, produced by Tomorrowland in collaboration with Amazon Music, portrays the unique journeys of DJ Topic and the making of his exclusive track ‘Saving Me’, world-renowned chef and Tomorrowland Foundation ambassador Gaggan Anand, Kenyan mother and business owner Vicky Tah and Mainstage dancer Kelly De Clercq.
Nonkels longlisted for the Ensors and nominated for Humo's HA! Awards.
November 22 2022
Deep in the West Flemish polders, the three Persyn brothers have lived on the same plot for many years. The loner Pol (Wim Willaert) lives in the former parental home, while slipper hero Luc (Jelle De Beule) lives in the fermette next door.
with his snippy wife Carine (Isabelle Van Hecke). Their two homes are in the shadow of the modern villa of nouveau riche and entrepreneur Willy (Rik Verheye) and his younger wife Delphine (Emilie De Roo).
Into the Arms of Sunshine longlisted for the renowned 1.4 Awards in London.
November 22 2022
Streamz confirms second season of 2dezit.
November 17 2022
Since last Thursday, the full season of '2DEZIT' can be seen on Streamz. The platform immediately announced a second season.
Since the release of the series on September 29, '2DEZIT' has been weekly number 1 as best viewed series on Streamz. It even surpassed the internationally acclaimed 'House of the Dragon'. It is therefore not surprising that Streamz announced a sequel immediately after this first season. Production company Sputnik Media is also excited to continue the story of Lotte, Lucas and their friends:
"We are very happy that '2DEZIT' was so appreciated by the viewer. It proves once again how important and valuable high-quality home-grown fiction is. That the series will be continued is a great recognition for the entire Sputnik team, from screenwriters to cast and crew who put their heart and soul into it." according to producers Rutger Beckers and Kris Gaens of Sputnik Media.
VRT and Lucy distinguish themselves at the EBU Connect Awards.
OCTOBER 12 2022
The VRT has won two awards at the 2022 edition of the European Broadcasting Union Connect Awards in Geneva.
And more specifically a Silver with the documentary 'FC United' and a Bronze in the competition Most Creative Single Promo with 'Cyberbullying' for Ketnet, a campaign made by Agency Lucy.
During the Flemish Week against Bullying, Ketnet is also launching a campaign to make parents aware of cyberbullying. Bullying is becoming less and less visible. It can continue online. Day and night. That is why Ketnet is making a striking and emotional campaign in which this phenomenon is addressed. For example, we invite parents, teachers, confidants, ... to talk about bullying with children.
But often our actions, and the pioneering role Ketnet plays in eradicating bullying, still remain under the radar of adults,” says Hanne Laureys, brand manager at Ketnet. “It is important that we also involve parents and grandparents, so as many adults as possible, in our story this year.
That is why we are also launching a campaign that is mainly aimed at them. A campaign with which we emphasize the positive impact they can have in this difficult theme. Because they are an essential part of a bullying-free society.”
Nonkels gets a second season.
JUNE 27 2022
Play4 announced that, due to the continued success, a second season will be in the making. The series has been on Streamz for several months but became even more popular when it appeared on Belgian National television. The highest-grossing episode even reached one million viewers.
So the viewers don't have to say goodbye to the green grass, the Persyns and the Cameroonian refugee Innocent. “Great news and so excited to get back into our pen and into our characters. Especially after all the warm reactions of the past few weeks”, said actor and writer Jelle De Beule.
Actor Rik Verheye is also still recovering from the great success. “The response has been absolutely overwhelming. From quotes that were called after us to a bulging mailbox with photos of pancakes served correctly, according to Carine. Not to mention hilarious selfies with Uncle Willy's grass-green Porsche and the photos of a random piece of artificial grass.”
Into the Arms of Sunshine wins Low Budget Gold at Ciclope Festival, Africa.
APRIL 8 2022
Last night 'Into The Arms of Sunshine' won the Best Low Budget award at the Ciclope Festival.
“Into the arms of sunshine” is a story about two lost lovers, separated but longing to be together. They look to the sun for comfort and guidance, moving ever closer until they are finally in each other’s arms again.
This is an experimental love story told through poetry and motion. Thesun can be a real source of comfort, a metaphor for reassuring one in times of need and loneliness, a guiding light. Now with Spring on our doorstep, and after a long hard winter, our spirits are lifted once again as we look to the sun.
Our compass. Our source of positivity and optimism. It can heal hearts and lift the spirit. Into the arms of sunshine uses the sun to connect two souls.
Filmed on the dry dusty landscapes of the South African west coast, with clothing supplied by London fashion house, TooGood - and styled by ANSO - this is an experimental short that uses dance and poetry to tell a story of two lost lovers longing to be together again.
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