In a world where it’s all about (air)miles, Brussels Airlines has been succesfully (re)building their brand by claiming that for them, it’s all about smiles. The smile with which they greet, service and transport their customers. It’s all about a warm and personal approach, even at competitive fares. After all: a smile is absolutely free and for their customers, Brussels Airlines loves to go the extra (s)mile.



In this “infomercial” we bring the symbolic story of little Gus, whose dad’s an architect currently working on a big project in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, dad won’t be able to make it back home in time to celebrate his 40th birthday with his son, who just put his heart & soul in a handcrafted gift. His mom, a doctor on call, decides to put Gus on a flight to Copenhagen, alone….

She relies on the excellent personal service of Brussels Airlines and their impeccable reputation in accompanying minors. There is nothing as precious as your own child, so who to trust better than the most personal airline: Brussels Airlines.

Thank you!
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