In the most coronaproof TV series ever, Jelle De Beule, Koen De Poorter and Rik Verheye get started creatively with the distance rules
Retelling a good sketch is just as useful as portraying a Lukaku goal through modern dance, but we'll try: the first joke revolved around a Kevin who planned to take his own life by jumping into the sky. However, his flat was on the first floor, which, according to a helpful police officer, was not high enough: "You're barely five feet off the ground!"
At the same time, a discussion ensued between two nosy neighbors of the suicidal Kevin, who each touted their balcony as the ideal stepping stone to a death jump.
As a metaphor for these strange times, it was over the top, and as a sketch it was simply very well thought out, like most of the witzen in 'De Anderhalve Meter Show'.
That in itself can be called a triumph for Jelle De Beule and Rik Verheye, the co-creators and main actors of this hastily written program in the midst of the corona pandemic.
At times, the jokes in "De Anderhalve Meter Show" approached the level of "Wat Als", the Emmy-winning standard in this genre, but just as often it was clear that there was some rush involved. For example, a not inconsiderable part of the humor in this program was derived from the use of all kinds of dialects - especially Liesa Naert always knows how to bend her Bruges roots to her advantage - or from pranks of the bawdy variant.
Rather easy humour, which, provided the correct kicking technique, does manage to score smoothly. For example, we had to laugh hard at the cleaning lady who, after a stroke, could only speak in ambiguous genre 'hair of the cat'. And especially in these dark days, your servant will find it hard to resist a joke with the punchline "I see your cunt, Sabine." May God and/or Marc Van Ranst forgive me.

Production: Woestijnvis
Writers: Jelle De Beule, Koen De Poorter, Rik Verheyen 
Directors: Jelle Gordeyn & Wannes Destoop
Executive Producer: Peter Ceustermans
Producer:  Lana Ieven
Audiomix: Bert Blommen
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