OFFICIAL TEASER _ production: shadowplay films d.o.p: dries delputte 2nd cam: alexander de bruycker & david doom model: ella june henrard music: hans zimmer 3D & animation: orange studios post-production: joris willems _

July, 2014
seeped in the epicness that has become synonymous with tomorrowland, the trailer is a fairytale that seamlessly combines animation and live action camerawork to set the tone for the summer’s most anticipated festival. the score was written by award-winning hollywood maestro hans zimmer (gladiator, inception,…)

shadowplay films has been involved with audiovisual productions for tomorrowland in a behind-the-scenes capacity for nearly three years. for this edition, the agency was assigned for full live action filming and postproduction. the trailer has run in all kinepolis cineplexes.

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