4G _ production: dr. film agency: mortierbrigade director: wim bonte d.o.p: dries delputte offline edit: joris willems online: moxy _

July, 2014


SCHATJES VAN PATATJES _ agency: famous grey production: caviar producer: cleo steyfkens director: ralf demesmaeker editing: joris willems _
1829 _ client: delvaux production: caviar director: marie wynants producer: julie bosteels d.o.p: sander vandenbroucke edit: joris willems _
SLUIKSTORTEN _ client: provincie limburg production: de machine director: wouter bouvijn d.o.p: laurens de geyter edit: frederik vandewalle grading: joris willems _
BIJ ÉÉN ZIT JE GOED _ agency: make lemonade production: caviar content director: wannes destoop d.o.p: dries delputte offline edit: joris willems stylist: jan dendievel foley artist: karel dewaele _
SI TU TE DONNES _ director: philippe bertin d.o.p: sander vandenbroucke production: flanel corp set photography: nathalie samain edit & grading: joris willems _
Brussels Airport
JOIN THE CREW _ agency: mosquito production: latcho drom director: wim bonte d.o.p: christophe vanhoutte edit: joris willems grading: moxy _
STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE _ production: shadowplay films 1st camera: david doom 2nd camera: maxime desmet post-production: joris willems _
ALLEJOPPA _ production: shadowplay films producer: christophe baggerman directors: kurt de leijer & joris willems d.o.p: maxime desmet styling: jan dendievel make-up: sanne dewolf post-production: joris willems _
NIGHTCLUB _ production: czar director: wouter bouvijn producer: maarten de sutter d.o.p: maximiliaan dierickx art direction: athos burez styling: lisa lapauw edit & grading: joris willems _
TO GET THERE _ if you have been there, there is no way back. It’s what puts you to bed at night and wakes you up in the morning. it makes your heart speed up. slow down. stop. and continue. continue when others say stop. you’ll fall, crash, get hurt, but you’ll never regret. Because you know that there is no way back, when you’ve got what it takes. the spirit to get there. _
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