IN'T KORT _ agency: make lemonade director: wouter bouvijn creatives: willem van den hoof & cato decoster production: sophie goossens d.o.p: david doom post-production: joris willems _

February, 2015

As Belgium’s largest home & construction fair Batibouw opens its doors, 
Make Lemonade unleash their first series of instructable videos for KBC Bank.

Told in a nutshell and spoken in plain language, our movies initiate future home owners in the world of home loans and mortages.


HOLY LOVE _ director: wannes destoop production: de wereldvrede d.o.p: dries delputte art direction: sarah julia styling: lisa lapauw edit & grading: joris willems _
MOEDERDAG _ agency: make lemonade director: kurt de leijer creative: cato decoster account: sophie goossens production: annemie decorte d.o.p: david doom edit: joris willems grading: moxy _
1829 _ client: delvaux production: caviar director: marie wynants producer: julie bosteels d.o.p: sander vandenbroucke edit: joris willems _
DE MOOISTE TIJD VAN HET JAAR _ agency: flexus production: dr. film director: wim bonte d.o.p: dries delputte edit: joris willems grading: moxy _
Atelier Dierendonck
BLOODLINE _ production: wanderkeit director: valéry joseph d.o.p: maxime desmet edit: preben verledens grafiek: andres willaert sounddesign: thomas vertongen grading: joris willems _
Peak Performance
ROCKAWAY STORIES _ agency: gents production: shadowplay films creative: tim helsen d.o.p: dries delputte camera: alexander de bruycker 2nd camera: david doom post-production: joris willems _
DOLFIJN 20 _ production: ristretto films agency: mortierbrigade director: wim bonte d.o.p: dries delputte edit: joris willems online: moxy _
SPRING / SUMMER 2016 _ production: shadowplay films director: elisabeth ouni camera & edit: david doom grading: joris willems _
TO GET THERE _ if you have been there, there is no way back. It’s what puts you to bed at night and wakes you up in the morning. it makes your heart speed up. slow down. stop. and continue. continue when others say stop. you’ll fall, crash, get hurt, but you’ll never regret. Because you know that there is no way back, when you’ve got what it takes. the spirit to get there. _
S/S 2013 _ agency: milk & cookies d.o.p: kurt stallaert edit and grading: joris willems vhoreography: i could never be a dancer dancer: leonore zurfluh sound designer: wladimir schall art gallery: nikki diana marquardt _
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