DE MOOISTE TIJD VAN HET JAAR _ agency: flexus production: dr. film director: wim bonte d.o.p: dries delputte edit: joris willems grading: moxy _

July, 2014

In these times of online bookings, do-it-yourself holidays, and low-cost airlines, the power of a strong brand is more critical than ever. That’s why, in the new Jetair image campaign, we focus on the unique relevance of ‘the brand with the red smile’.

As the only tour operator in Belgium, Jetair can offer a total package. 
Giving travel advice, flying you to your destination, providing guidance and entertainment during your stay: the people of Jetair, Jetaircenter and Jetairfly do it all.

No other travel brand can fulfill its brand promise so completely and so concretely. Which is not insignificant, because holiday travel is
– more than any other sector – a ‘people business’.

In the campaign, we show that a customer booking with Jetair receives a lot more than an online confirmation. 
Along with the trip, the customer benefits from the experience, service and guarantee of a team of specialists. 2000 staff members are prepared to make
each holiday your best time of the year.

Jetair’s added value is personalised in our campaign by true stories from Jetair employees. Authentic and sincere storytelling: we hear from pilots, stewardesses and hosts in 2 TV spots and 10 TV billboards.

In addition, there’s a more generic spot that expresses the brand promise in a poetic manner. The core message is simple: Holiday is doing what you love with the people you love. You don’t really need anyone else – but it’s good to know that, should you want or need anything, 2000 professionals stand ready to serve you…


SOYA MARGARINE _ agency: gents creative: tim helsen account: magali deckers production: the breakfast club producer: dagmar duportail grading: joris willems 3d: nozon _
BRAND CAMPAIGN _ agency: gents creative: tim helsen account: albane paret production: the breakfast club grading: joris willems 3d: nozon _
Brussels Airport
JOIN THE CREW _ agency: mosquito production: latcho drom director: wim bonte d.o.p: christophe vanhoutte edit: joris willems grading: moxy _
Atelier Dierendonck
BLOODLINE _ production: wanderkeit director: valéry joseph d.o.p: maxime desmet edit: preben verledens grafiek: andres willaert sounddesign: thomas vertongen grading: joris willems _
ALLEJOPPA _ production: shadowplay films producer: christophe baggerman directors: kurt de leijer & joris willems d.o.p: maxime desmet styling: jan dendievel make-up: sanne dewolf post-production: joris willems _
STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE _ production: shadowplay films 1st camera: david doom 2nd camera: maxime desmet post-production: joris willems _
An Pierlé
THERE IS NO TIME _ production: wanderkeit director & art director: athos burez d.o.p: maxime desmet edit: preben verledens grafiek: andres willaert online & grading: joris willems _
PRESS TRAILER _ production: de wereldvrede director: gilles coulier d.o.p: david williamson edit: joris willems _
LAND VAN DE NIEUWSGIERIGHEID _ agency: mortierbrigade production: shadowplay films producer: sabrina terrin director: gilles coulier d.o.p: dries delputte edit & grading: joris willems _
Van Hooydonck
25 YEARS TOUR DE FLANDRE _ client: red bull production: shadowplay films camera: alexander de bruycker post-production: joris willems _
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