_ I’m Joris, a freelance editor and post-producer with a solid academic background in graphic - and motion design. _

November, 1982
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after studying advertising and graphic design, I applied for a new media education in my last two years before graduating. as typography, graphic design and film being my hobby, I managed to make a living out of the things I love most.

have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact me for further info or projects.
Studio Joris Willems
Guido Gezellestraat 16
9050 Gent
VAT BE0567787223
+32 486 87 39 98


STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE _ production: shadowplay films 1st camera: david doom 2nd camera: maxime desmet post-production: joris willems _
TO GET THERE _ if you have been there, there is no way back. It’s what puts you to bed at night and wakes you up in the morning. it makes your heart speed up. slow down. stop. and continue. continue when others say stop. you’ll fall, crash, get hurt, but you’ll never regret. Because you know that there is no way back, when you’ve got what it takes. the spirit to get there. _
BRAND CAMPAIGN _ agency: gents creative: tim helsen account: albane paret production: the breakfast club grading: joris willems 3d: nozon _
Van Hooydonck
25 YEARS TOUR DE FLANDRE _ client: red bull production: shadowplay films camera: alexander de bruycker post-production: joris willems _
SPRING / SUMMER 2016 _ production: shadowplay films director: elisabeth ouni camera & edit: david doom grading: joris willems _
THE GOOD LIE _ director: wouter bouvijn production: czar producer: maarten de sutter d.o.p: david williamson focus puller: pieter van campe art director: ravit bechor edit & grading: joris willems _
An Pierlé
THERE IS NO TIME _ production: wanderkeit director & art director: athos burez d.o.p: maxime desmet edit: preben verledens grafiek: andres willaert online & grading: joris willems _
DE DIGIBENDE _ agency: TBWA production: hotel hungaria director: jeroen willekens d.o.p: david doom editing: joris willems _
Eigen Kweek
SEASON 2 & 3 _ agency: make lemonade producer: sophie goossens creative: willem van den hoof d.o.p: david doom post-production: joris willems _
Studio Brussel
8 X 30" COMMERCIALS FOR DE NIEUWE LICHTING _ agency: DDB creative director: odin saillé creatives: tom meijer, silke beurms account: kirsten vanderbeke production: the breakfast club director & d.o.p: jan boon edit & grading: joris willems _
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